It’s Pronounced “Booyeah”

Natalia Buia was born in Brasov, Romania but migrated to Canada shortly after the fall of communism. Upon her arrival in Toronto, she was at first convinced that Honest Ed’s was a giant strip club. She began ESL classes immediately.

While studying Print and Broadcast Journalism at Humber College, Natalia interned at the CBC. Her time there was spent promoting healthy eating in support of their Live Right Now initiative, while keeping mum about her fast-food addiction. She also co-hosted a show with Craig Norris for The Craig Norris Hour on CBC Radio 3, choosing to speak at great lengths about her fast-food addiction. After graduating from her program with an Excellence in Broadcast award in tow, Natalia began writing and hosting for various music publications including Sticky Magazine, Chart Attack, andPOP and NOW. She has interviewed a slew of artists, including Mother Mother, Backstreet Boys, Men Without Hats, Rural Alberta Advantage and Zeus.

Natalia may have been destined to humiliate herself on TV. Her first appearance was as a contestant on the popular kids’ game show Uh-Oh. She didn’t win, but she did get slimed. Twice. Later into adulthood, she appeared in Muneshine’s music video There Is Only Today which found its way into medium rotation on Much Vibe. Then, Natalia stuttered and giggled her way on to MTV’s After Degrassi for two seasons.

Currently, Natalia works at Food Network Canada as a digital producer. When she is not working, Natalia enjoys watching Law and Order, building an impressive Scotch collection, reading memoirs and Instagramming her two cats dubbed Brokeback Meowntain.